As the 30th annual Shark Week kicks off, Bob and Zipp felt that maybe it was time for another animal to get its moment in the spotlight.So, for those of you tired of boring shots of  great whites jumping through the air and MonsterQuest reruns, welcome to Squid Week: a week dedicated to podcasts about squid!

We kick it off with an introduction to squids; the who, what, when, where and why of everyone’s (soon-to-be) favorite cephalopod! Stay turned as we drop an episode every day this week, covering topics such as the Giant Squid, the history of calamari, and why your favorite scene from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea might be a lie! Enjoy!

Squids (Squid Week Theme) by Secretbeach. Check them out at:  Facebook:                                                                        Twitter:                          Instagram:

And make sure you listen to Secretbeach’s new EP, “My Dead Garden!

Special thanks to Steve for creating the Squid Week artwork!

Enjoying Squid Week? Check out more of Bob and Zipp on their podcast No Redeeming Qualities!

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