“Wasted Potential Central: Music From The No Redeeming Qualities Podcast”

Get artist info, artwork, and the full digital download over at: https://nrqpodcast.com/wpc

00:00 Possum Freak – Dompston Checks In

03:14 CenoBEATS – The Bass Chef

04:37 Mama Luna – No Redeeming Qualities

05:56 Boots & Quesadillas – Dr. Dankbeets

06:24 Me Gold! – The Bass Chef

07:19 The Calamari Conspiracy – Secret Beach

08:40 Kentucky Fried Death – No Redeeming Qualities

09:23 Time To Make The Donuts – The Bass Chef (ft. No Redeeming Qualities)

10:07 Slime In The Ice Machine – Marvin Zindler

13:30 Walrus Weak – Dompston Checks In

17:14 Insufficient Funds – The Bass Chef

19:16 How Long Have I Been Living In The Shadow Realm (Live) – Heck Nugget 


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