Episode 155 – RoboCopCop

A RoboCop just for other cops, reflections on an old Quiznos ad campaign, and lots of Canada talk. It’s Episode 155, joined by Ryan of The Worst Of The Best podcast, the latest show on the Gamma Gator Network!

Episode 147 – Cauliflower Neck

https://nrqpodcast.podbean.com/e/episode-147-cauliflower-neck/ Episode 147’s got it all: Racist motorcycles! CoronaVirus themed erotic fiction! Shane McMahon’s neck! And Houston’s own Cult 45 Podcast! There’s also a bonus interview with Bob’s brother, who was part of the mass scramble to leave Europe following the Covid19 travel ban. You are not gonna wanna miss this week’s episode! Follow the … Continue reading Episode 147 – Cauliflower Neck