Does That Make Me A Dick?

Hey there! On today's show, Jamie is joined by host of the podcast, No Redeeming Qualities, Thomas Zipperer, to talk about: micro managing, yelling at someone who was riding their bike in the street, and playing a prank on a friend on a dating app.

Mostly Just Stories

Thomas "Zipp" Zipperer is a writer, voice actor, creator & podcaster of No Redeeming Qualities: A writing/podcasting duo consisting of Robert Giancarlo and K. Thomas Zipperer. Although their main focus is on their weekly comedy podcast, the two also write and perform in audio dramas. They released their fully scripted comedy Wheels of Justice (2019) and the sci-fi comedy Beer Run (2020), with future productions in the works. The duo also manage Gamma Gator Productions, their studio providing editing, voice over, and podcast production services. See the link below. In this episode he also tells all the secrets to maintaining an amateur duck husbandry. Thomas is a charming and fun guy! Enjoy!

Baseball Together

Brad flies solo this week and talks MLB news that includes the MLB All-Star Game rosters, the Chicago White Sox looking for Trevor Story before the trade deadline, the New York Yankees aren’t good right now, outfielder Brett Phillips pitched for the Tampa Bay Rays, and the San Francisco Giants unveiled their Nike City Connect jerseys. The guys are then joined by guest Thomas Zipperer of the No Redeeming Qualities Podcast. Enjoy!