1 Big Toilet

https://the1bigtoilet.podbean.com/e/zipps-loud-big-boys/ What’s better than a loud big boy? Why, two loud big boys, of course! This week, 1 Big Toilet is joined by Bob of the No Redeeming Qualities podcast, where the two discuss this week’s multi-billion dollar bailout and troubling reports from a whistleblower in the intelligence community.


The West Virginia Surf Report (Episode 44)

https://jeffkay.podbean.com/e/ep-44-forty-minutes-with-producer-zipp/ "Producer Zipp joins me in this one, my first attempt at an interview episode! For forty minutes we bounce from subject to subject, including but not limited to MAD magazine, baseball, "fat Babe Ruth," collecting culture, expensive-ass picture framing, teaching middle school, the U.S. Marines, and getting punched in the liver. I hope you … Continue reading The West Virginia Surf Report (Episode 44)