1st Annual NRQ Star Wars Special

NRQ is about to take you to a galaxy far, far away! In honor of Star Wars Day, No Redeeming Qualities has assembled over a dozen different podcasters to cover a variety of topics inspired by the beloved space opera! Also, Zipp sits down with Tabitha from the Unsung Sluts podcast and answers questions sent in by NRQ listeners! May the force be with you!

NRQ Patreon Male Bag (October 2019)

https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/nrq-patreon-male-bag-october-2019 It's the NRQ Patreon Male Bag for October 2019! Starting in November this will be available only for Patrons, so make sure to sign up today at Patreon.com/NRQpodcast Follow the No Redeeming Qualities Podcast! It’s the best way to find new episodes, see memes, and check out the occasional butt or two! Website: NRQpodcast.com Facebook: Facebook.com/NRQpodcast   … Continue reading NRQ Patreon Male Bag (October 2019)

NRQ Patreon Male Bag (September 2019)

https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/nrq-patreon-male-bag-september-2019 Mail call! It's our second edition of the NRQ Patreon Male Bag, our monthly LIVE special where we read letters and answer questions from our viewers! And since it’s still getting started, we decided to make it available to all NRQ fans! If you wanna hear your questions answered and get in on the … Continue reading NRQ Patreon Male Bag (September 2019)

2nd Annual NRQ SpooktoberFest

https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/2nd-annual-nrq-spooktoberfest It’s the 2nd Annual NRQ SpooktoberFest! And this year, the movie marathon is over the Leprechaun franchise! NRQ goes to Las Vegas, the hood, and outer space to keep up with the little green bastard! Timestamps for each film review: Leprechaun: 4:55 Leprechaun 2: 24:30 Leprechaun 3: 43:35 Leprechaun In Space: 1:06:45 Leprechaun In … Continue reading 2nd Annual NRQ SpooktoberFest

Gator Week – Pop Culture

https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/gator-week-pop-culture Some gators are movie stars, while some live in fancy Chicago Lagoons. Others do meth or bite off Carl Weather’s hand. Which one is your favorite?? Also, NRQ has a YUUUUGE announcement you aren’t gonna wanna miss! Special thanks to Justin and Jake of The Herpetoculture Podcast! Artwork by Steve and Miranda Gator Week … Continue reading Gator Week – Pop Culture