Wheels Of Justice (trailer)

  https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/wheels-of-justice-trailer Who pushed Governor Abbott down a staircase?? Find out January 7th at NRQpodcast.com! "Olympus" by Ross Bugden His channel

1st Annual NRQ SpooktoberFest

https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/1st-annual-nrq-spooktoberfest It’s that time of year again…October! And to celebrate, Bob and Zipp sat down to watch all the Halloween movies in a new NRQ tradition: SpooktoberFest! So grab some popcorn, make a drink, and get ready to watch some horror films of varying qualities! To jump ahead to a specific movie, here are the … Continue reading 1st Annual NRQ SpooktoberFest

Squid Week

https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/squid-week-squids-101 https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/squid-week-squid-you-scary https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/squid-week-what-have-squid-done-for-me https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/squid-week-who-you-callin-a-head-foot https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/squid-week-the-calamari-conspiracy https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/squid-week-nautilus-portman https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/squid-week-reconsquider

Squid Week – Reconsquider

https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/squid-week-reconsquider As Squid Week draws to a close, Bob and Zipp explore the different squid that can be found in the nearby Gulf of Mexico. Also, Zipp tortures Bob with squid puns and we learn more about other cephalopod awareness efforts Squids (Squid Week Theme) by Secretbeach. Check them out at:  Facebook: Facebook.com/secretbeachband/        … Continue reading Squid Week – Reconsquider

Squid Week – Nautilus Portman

https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/squid-week-nautilus-portman There’s a lot of famous squid out there, but who’s the most famous of them all? The Giant Squid from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea? Squidward Tentacles? Squiddly Diddly? Wait, who the hell is Squiddly Diddly? Listen and learn about him and even more fictitious squid! Squids (Squid Week Theme) by Secretbeach. Check them … Continue reading Squid Week – Nautilus Portman

Squid Week – The Calamari Conspiracy

https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/squid-week-the-calamari-conspiracy JFK…9/11…Benghazi….Calamari?? Hopefully you have an appetite for today’s episode of Squid Week, where Bob and Zipp discuss the shady history of fried calamari, whether or not squid ink pasta looks sexy, and the possible health benefits of a squid heavy diet. Bon Appétit! Squids (Squid Week Theme) by Secretbeach. Check them out at:  Facebook: Facebook.com/secretbeachband/  … Continue reading Squid Week – The Calamari Conspiracy

Squid Week – Who You Callin’ A Head – Foot?

https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/squid-week-who-you-callin-a-head-foot While everyone knows the squid is the greatest of all cephalopods, we still feel it’s fair to give the octopus, the cuttlefish, and the nautilus their chance in the limelight. How exactly does a octopus ‘inject’ venom into its prey? What exactly is the difference between a squid and a cuttlefish? And what in … Continue reading Squid Week – Who You Callin’ A Head – Foot?