Episode 160 – Dompston Checks In

NRQ is joined by Dompston Checks In, the Houston based musical duo behind the music of "Beer Run" and "Walrus Week". Also, listen to Zipp's quick interview with heavyweight boxer Juan Torres.

Pop Culture

Don’t be out of your element Donny, or you’ll miss the final minisode of Walrus Week! Whether they’re playing a saxophone, serving as a nerdy school’s mascot, or scaring children as a cartoon character, the walrus is a unique and interesting addition to pop culture!

Climate Change

We know that learning about climate change and its devastating effects on the Arctic ecosystem can be kind of a bummer, so we added some sex appeal. Literally. We talk about walrus sex.

Walrus, You Scary!

Despite being what some scientists call "nature's bean bag chair", the walrus definitely has the tools to put a hurtin' on you. Whether they're sinking your boat or stabbing a polar bear to death, we think it's safe to say 'Walrus, you scary!'