1 Big Toilet (The Impeachment Special)

https://the1bigtoilet.podbean.com/e/the-impeachment-special/ As the inevitable impeachment of Donald Trump looms, 1 Big Toilet is joined by the No Redeeming Qualities podcast and rapper KlayeCreation to break down the Ukrainian quid pro quo, the House hearings, and the possible outcomes of the Senate trial. Also discussed are Trump’s potential competition in the 2020 election

NRQ Presents – 1 Big Toilet

https://soundcloud.com/nrq-podcast/nrq-presents-1-big-toilet NRQ's new company Gamma Gator Productions is making podcasts, and 1 Big Toilet is the first one! So, if you like politics, you aren't gonna wanna miss it! And if you hate politics, you should still give it a listen because it's funny and informative! Check out 1 Big Toilet at: the1bigtoilet.podbean.com/ Follow the … Continue reading NRQ Presents – 1 Big Toilet