Episode 181 – Governor Abbott Killed Bob’s Tarantula

Bob and Zipp may have survived the Texas winter weather disaster, but Mama Luna the tarantula wasn't so lucky. The boys also disparage an Arby's sandwich, mock a silversmith, and begrudgingly watch women's basketball. 

Wheels Of Justice

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been pushed down a staircase in his wheelchair and there’s only two men who can solve the case: Bob and Zipp https://nrqpodcast.podbean.com/mf/play/qz2hi7/redirect_mp3_feeds_soundcloud_com_stream_555412584-nrq-podcast-wheels-of-justice.mp3 Follow the No Redeeming Qualities Podcast! It’s the best way to find new episodes, see memes, and check out the occasional butt or two! Website: NRQpodcast.com Facebook: Facebook.com/NRQpodcast      … Continue reading Wheels Of Justice