Episode 131 – Love Story Between Two Guys Without Sex

https://nrqpodcast.podbean.com/e/episode-131-love-story-between-two-guys-without-sex/ Billy Dee William’s Star Wars character is gonna start going by Landa Calrissian now, I guess. Plus Bob wants a Tesla Cybertruck, Wimpy is a liar, and Zipp makes political propaganda Follow the No Redeeming Qualities Podcast! It’s the best way to find new episodes, see memes, and check out the occasional butt or … Continue reading Episode 131 – Love Story Between Two Guys Without Sex

SOB: Style Of Business

https://www.buzzsprout.com/848/2001862-epi-90-creating-engaging-content-with-nrq-podcast-co-creator-thomas-zipperer?fbclid=IwAR17PzIo9ZCsv65SvE-5mjGaI7N7ALrxCfn5RBOOQTPVTVzfS8ptp9AZS-s "A great conversation with writer and podcast producer Thomas "Zipp" Zipperer, who is also the co-creator and co-host of NRQ - No Redeeming Qualities podcast. In this insightful episode, Thomas shares key points on the business of podcasting, creating engaging content and tips on how to start a podcast."