A Pleasant Conversation With American Standards

It's the beginning of the end! As NRQ heads towards its grand finale later this summer, Bob and Zipp are bringing back their favorite guests from over the years for one final podcasting session. And who better to kick it off than our friends from the Phoenix based hardcore band, American Standards?

NRQ Presents – The Lost Episode

Back in the summer of 2020, Bob and Zipp were supposed to record an episode....but instead spent the afternoon drinking and playing darts. An attempt was made but the final product was locked away in the NRQ vault for years....until now. Enjoy a very, very intoxicated Bob and Zipp as they progressively get more and more irritated and mean to each other! This is why you don't drink and record, folks.

NRQ&A (December 2022)

Bob and Zipp celebrate the holidays with a breakdown on the history of various Christmas traditions! Learn about mistletoe, how Santa ended up residing in the North Pole, and why you shouldn't mess with Gingerbread Bakers. Merry Christmas!

NRQ&A (November 2022)

Bob and Zipp take NRQ to the stars in an episode dedicated to outer space! Learn what a black hole does to your body, listen to Buzz Aldrin scream at the moon, and hear our boys take all the planets down a notch in the first ever 'space roast'!