The Worst of the Best Podcast (Dumb And Dangerous Internet Challenges)

Some people will do anything for 15 minutes of fame, and the internet makes it even easier to make a fool of yourself in the name of likes. Phenomena like the Ice Bucket Challenge are harmless and raise money for good causes, but others have proven to be incredibly dangerous. Some have resulted in disfigurement, jail, and even death for those foolish enough to perform them.


The Worst Of The Best Podcast (Deadliest Diseases) When people think of the deadliest diseases in the world, their minds probably jump to the fast-acting, incurable ones that grab headlines from time to time. But in fact, many of these types of diseases don’t rank in the top 10 causes of worldwide deaths. An estimated 56.4 million  passed away worldwide in 2015, and 68 … Continue reading The Worst Of The Best Podcast (Deadliest Diseases)