2nd Annual NRQ Star Wars Special

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Zipp assembled a team of podcasters to discuss any Star Wars topic of their choosing. Come join us as we talk about Luke Skywalker drinking titty milk, the history of Star Wars merchandise, and much, much more! 

SOB: Style Of Business

https://www.buzzsprout.com/848/2001862-epi-90-creating-engaging-content-with-nrq-podcast-co-creator-thomas-zipperer?fbclid=IwAR17PzIo9ZCsv65SvE-5mjGaI7N7ALrxCfn5RBOOQTPVTVzfS8ptp9AZS-s "A great conversation with writer and podcast producer Thomas "Zipp" Zipperer, who is also the co-creator and co-host of NRQ - No Redeeming Qualities podcast. In this insightful episode, Thomas shares key points on the business of podcasting, creating engaging content and tips on how to start a podcast."