The Crew


Bob is the co-host and content director of NRQ. The descendant of Mafia immigrants and Louisiana crawfish farmers, he was raised on the greasy streets of Houston to become the man he is today. A life of chasing the perfect Italian style Po’boy and white women with larger than normal buttocks has taken its toll on him. The only things keeping him from a life of crime sippin’ sizzurp are his fiancé Bri, the hope that JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney merge to form a defensive line so powerful that Andrew Luck’s head explodes like that scene in Scanners, and his pitbull, Mr. Love Muffin.


Zipp is the co-host and engineer behind No Redeeming Qualities. He is a self taught producer, and it shows. Outside of NRQ, Zipp likes collecting bar mirrors, writing, and being a consistent failure to his family.


Rob is a longtime friend of NRQ and occasional co-host. He often provides our very, very white crew with thoughts from the black perspective. He also works as a DJ under his persona “The Bass Chef”. He can be contacted for performances and events at the following:

Twitter: @The_Bass_Chef
Snapchat and Instagram: thebasschef
Soundcloud: Bass Chef


Matt is most active on our social media pages, and occasionally joins the crew for an episode. He is Bob and Zipp’s go-to-guy for help with tech and also provides commentary and insight on professional wrestling. He is known for his awful taste in movies and his love for obscure, often foreign soda brands.


Jake was born in Montana and raised by wolves. If you make fun of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he will fight you. In addition to being one of the first fans of NRQ, Jake is also our resident meme harvester. He wakes up every morning to harvest those memes. What do you harvest? Nothing, that’s right.